A Constitution for TBSUK

Adopted at a meeting on August 13th, 2008


To encourage friendliness and concord within the Sangha;

To foster mutual support within the Sangha;

To safeguard and protect the Buddha Sasana.

To represent the interests of the Theravada Sangha and of Theravada Buddhism.


All Theravada monks and nuns in the UK will be considered members unless they withdraw.

General Meetings

There will usually be two general meetings a year in March and August.

All temples may be represented at each general meeting by not more than three members.

Decisions will be made by a simple majority of the members present.

For the general meetings a minimum of 6 temples represented will form a quorum.


The committee will be composed of up to seven members, including a Chairperson, a Secretary and five others, so far as possible representing the various traditions and nationalities.

One third of the committee by rotation will stand down each year at the August meeting, but will be eligible for re-election.

The committee will meet as required in the intervals between general meetings.

It is not envisaged that TBSUK will hold any property or require any subscriptions but should it be necessary, the committee is empowered to appoint a trustworthy lay person to do any financial business on its behalf.


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